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Whether you need help understanding how to increase productivity on your current development efforts or you are in the planning stage for your next big initiative. Our solutions assessment services can expedite your architecture / design phases. Let us use our expertise with Cloud Architectures, DevOps practices, Automated Intelligence / Machine Learning Applications and Applications Design patterns to put you on the path to success.


Choose the IoT solution that fits your needs. From a fully managed platform to including DevOps and Analytics to point solutions scaled to meet your teams need. Edge Computing using leading cloud technologies such as: Azure IoT and AWS Greengrass. Our IoT solutions are preset to handle the following workloads: Analytics at scale, Big Data event analysis, Risk Mitigation and custom applications using proven security practices.


Let us create the applications that engage your customers with unique and intuitive technologies. We have unique expertise with the following environments/ platforms: Microsoft HoloLens, Windows Mixed reality solutions, Google VR development and Unity3d development.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud hosted solutions tailored to meet your unique requirements. Specializing in solutions delivered on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft Office 365.

Artificial Intelligence

Integration of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning services allowing you to add advanced intelligence to your applications and workflows. Consultation and training allowing you to use custom models that run in the cloud or deployed out to the edge devices.

Data Analytics

Delivering actionable insights sourced from your selection of data sources. Specializing in data analysis and shaping, dynamically scaling real-time analytics, classification and predictive models.

Agile Development

Consultation and delivery at all phases of the application development life-cycle. With concentrated expertise in the following areas: Application Development, Team Consulting, Process Implementation, Source Control Management, Work Item Management, Requirements Gathering.


Modern applications management and delivery using proven DevOps architectures using our in-depth knowledge of Build / Release management, Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery, Platform monitoring, Platform security.

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